City Creator

City Creator work in progress screenshot

City Creator work in progress screenshot

The press were shown the City Creator during behind closed doors previews at Gamescom and as previews are rolling in, here’s the deal in our own words! It’s so good to be finally able to talk about the City Creator, as it’s by far the feature we’re the most excited about.

The Ridge Racer Unbounded City Creator allows you to build tracks just like the ones you’ll play in the shipped version of the game. Making these tracks is super easy. The goal is that everyone will make their own cities and share them online.

While it seems very simple indeed, this is actually the same tool we’re currently using to put together the tracks on the disc.

Making a new track is as simple as choosing what type of environment you’d like to drive in (suburbs, downtown, docks, construction sites, …) and then snapping pre-built blocks together. It literally takes a minute to create a track of the same quality that’s on the disc. You can mix and match different environments.

Everything you see working in-game comes assembled for your convenience – civilian traffic, AI, those big white in-world HUD texts, all that juicy destruction, incuding collateral and destruction targets. You just snap them together any way you like!

You may be wondering about variety as you’re using pre-built building blocks, but fear not! Because it’s not just about the tracks themselves. Your city is comprised of a selection of your finest tracks, combined with all the rules you want to play with. So you get to set the game mode and all associated details when publishing your tracks as part of your city.

If you’re a fan of all-out destruction, your city can include destruction events only. Or if you’re after a pure racing exercise, maybe your city is all about clean races. It’s your choice. Design a challenge and publish it online!

You’ll be discovering new cities every time you play and dominating them – if you’re successful in beating all the events in them.

Now, we know there are some of you out there who would really want to get down and dirty with the editor, moving things around in much higher detail, even if it takes more time. We can’t promise anything yet, but we really want to have you covered, as well… Look for more news in the near future.

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17 Responses to City Creator

  1. Michael says:

    I can’t wait to get down and dirty with the editor! :) Sounds sick.

  2. Mike says:

    I am really excited to try out this editor when the game is available!
    Bugbear you rock!!!

  3. WOW!!!! It could be incredible!!!
    Thank you for all!!!)))
    Bugbear, if you need more ideas, cars or anything like that, you can tell us!)

  4. Purple44 says:

    “Now, we know there are some of you out there who would really want to get down and dirty with the editor, moving things around in much higher detail, even if it takes more time.”

    It good there will be an easy to use track editor. Hope you can make figure 8 type tracks. I will be looking forward to a more advance version that will let me move things around. ;)

    [b]Junkyard track, bit racing, bit obstacle course. [/b]

  5. Jack Black says:

    First, I do not want to come across as if I am bashing this game. In fact, I have seen videos of the game in progress, the interview from the producer, Joonas Laakso and of course, read about it.
    I do believe that the game on it own is compelling enough for me or anyone else to warrant a purchase or at least curiosity towards a purchase. The concept is functional and to what I’ve seen so far, fun. Overall, I wish them luck with this title.

    Many people and myself have been concerned with the use of the “Ridge Racer” title in “Ridge Racer Unbounded”. (I’m sure an accompanying eyeroll here has happened as it has been said from others) But I do believe whether or not the game succeeds with the current title in place is not the issue – if the game is good the game will sell.
    The fear of alienation to the core fanbase who have played and followed this game through the years and releases (even with superior competing IP at times) shows the power of the franchise.
    A lot of preference to Ridge Racer was a sort-of “purity” to old school mechanics while introducing new things, concepts, or art direction without radically changing the core gameplay.
    And while some has said that the core game may have become “stagnant” in over 18(!) years, that core gameplay have been always associated with “Ridge Racer”.
    So, in short: why not change the name from “Ridge Racer Unbounded” to “R: Unbounded”? I believe that would avoid confusion and the fear of alienation and the developed game wouldn’t have to suffer from a name change. Namco Bandai has already used the title “R:” for a series departure in “R: Racing”.
    My apologies to all for sounding negative, and again good luck to Bugbear Entertainment.

    Thanks for reading,
    Jack Black

    • Thank you for your comment. As the developer we’re not really in a position to decide how Namco Bandai should use their brand. We are simply honored to be considered worthy of the Ridge Racer name.

      We are very much aware of the potential confusion. That is why we’ve been forthcoming and open about the gameplay and how it differs from the Ridge Racer experience you already know. It’s a new experience, yes, but we do want to honor the Ridge Racer name.

      I believe we are doing enough interesting and cool things to warrant your interest. Ultimately whether we’re worth the Ridge Racer name is going to be up to you guys, the fans. We are working very hard indeed to deliver on the promise of the title. If you know it’s going to disappoint you just because it’s different, be sure to check out the other Ridge Racer titles. There are plenty of “traditional” RR experiences available, and more to come!

  6. Bryan says:

    I would really like to see a flatout 3 . Really love the game.

  7. bdo7 says:

    @ Bryan,

    If you want FlatOut 3, then buy Ridge Racer: Unbounded when it comes out.

    There is a FlatOut 3 that has just come out, but it wasn’t made by Bugbear, and it isn’t very good. The people who made the previous FlatOut games are not allowed to call their new game “FlatOut.” Instead they are being made to call it “Ridge Racer.”

    It’s the publishers and their lawyers who decide what the game is called, not the programmers who actually work hard to make the game. “Intellectual property” and actual game code are two totally different things.

    I remember a time (in the 1980s) when programmers actually had control of the games they made. They even put their names on the front of the box instead of buried in a long list of credits. I wish it were still the good old days, but it’s not. Now, the programmers have to do whatever the suits tell them to do.

    Bottom line is this: these are the people who made FlatOut such a great franchise, and this is their latest game. So if you really want FlatOut 3, buy this game and tape a piece of paper over the front of the box that says “FlatOut 3.”

    You won’t be disappointed.

    (I’ll be surprised if this comment gets past moderation, even though it’s favorable toward Bugbear… it’s just not politically correct. But darn it, it’s the truth!) :)

  8. Thank you for your comment. I wanted to get this out there, because it’s a good discussion we should have with the fans.

    Ridge Racer Unbounded is very much a collaboration between Namco and Bugbear. It would be a very different game if it wasn’t for Namco, and it would be very different if it wasn’t for Ridge Racer. The relationship we have with Namco is not one where we feel we’re just doing work for hire – we get along very well, and would love to work with them again.

    I know that sounds like PR talking, but it’s the truth! When we were looking for a publisher and got in talks with Namco, they asked us if we wanted to make a Ridge Racer game or continue with the prototype we had at the time. To us it was obvious we wanted to try making a Ridge Racer title.

    We really appreciate the call for a Bugbear-developed FlatOut title. We would love to do one. For now, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to like in Ridge Racer Unbounded, if you’re a fan of our previous games.

    The relationship between a publisher and a developer can be strained and exploitative in nature. Here that’s not the case. We feel we can reach a wider audience when working with Namco and getting to work on such a classic series is a privilege, not a burden. :)

  9. Michael says:

    Ant more info on “Ridge Racer Unbounded” coming soon???

    I love you Bugbear.

  10. Not relevant. says:

    So when are you gonna stop messing around and make another Flatout game…?

  11. harald says:

    awesome … any chances, that this will ever make it to the mac? i am still playing “flatout 2″ on the mac, because it’s the best racing game for osx, so far … would love to have some new tracks to race on and what can be better than a racing game from the developers of “flatout 2″?

  12. When FlatOut 3 (by Team6) has been released, I was really upset :( They are killed the game of my life, the game of my dream. I think if you wanna to make another FlatOut, you need to call it “FlatOut: The RETURN”.
    Yeah, I’ve got ideas. And I dont’t need any money. I just want to return FlatOut in this world, in the “TOP”. So, if you, Bugbear, need any ideas (cars, tracks, drivers, music, game modes, and other) you always can look at my already concept-arts. I’m making and painting it for you and FlatOut, not for me.
    Keep calm, and maybe we wiil play in the new FlatOut, the game, that changed hearts of lots of players, and my too.

  13. expiorer says:

    Finally the track modding will be in the next level.
    Mods will contain new blocks to use in your custom tracks.

  14. pakko says:

    Will Ridge Racer Unbounded use Steam??

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