Dubai & E3 Previews

Ridge Racer Unbounded booth at E3The game is getting good early previews! This is a collection of our favorite coverage for your convenience (and our bragging rights!), based on first looks in the Namco Bandai Level Up event in Dubai in May and E3 in Los Angeles in June.

Thunderbolt Games “The graphics, even this early, are excellent, particularly in regards to vehicle deformation. [...] Ridge Racer Unbounded is all about racing and destruction and the team at Bugbear is letting the gameplay do the talking. Even in this early build, there was a great sense of speed and freedom. [...] Hopefully it will live up to the promising demo that I got to take in today.” - Matt Wadleigh

Giant Bomb video interview with Jeff Gerstmann

Destructoid “Crash and create cities [...] I was glad to see that Developer BugBear Entertainment (FlatOut titles) has kept all the original style and approachability of the classic Namco racer [...] The Finnish studio obviously has love for the series, so it seems they’re taking care to preserve the Ridge Racer feel and look, even with this radical addition. It’s early, but I see what they’re getting at, and I think it looks like a lot of fun. [...] Ridge Racer Unbounded is one to keep an eye out for.” – Dale North

The Guardian “The granddaddy of the arcade racing genre is not slowing down into retirement, it is accelerating into the evolving universe of the 21st century driving sim.” – Keith Stuart

Eurogamer “The Finnish studio has a reputation for making excellent driving games that blend chaos and humour with a canny precision. [...] Unbounded is the team’s most dynamic title yet: concrete turns to powder, cars crumple in millions of unique ways following millions of unique impacts [...]” – Christian Donlan

Computer And Video Games “The epic corner slide is the first hint of how Unbounded feels to play – and it definitely looks like it’s adopted the Ridge Racer arcade style, with plenty of the aforementioned drifting and power boosting on straights. [...] It’s clear then that Ridge Racer Unbounded is doing something very different – but very well.” – Andy Robinson


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5 Responses to Dubai & E3 Previews

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  2. zigzagz says:

    Bravo! Ridge Racer Unbounded video gameplay has me salivating for more. I eagerly await any news, screens, or vids. IMO Flatout / Ultimate Carnage rank among the best arcade racers evah and I still play them very often. Keep up the good work. Full Speed Ahead. I can hardly wait to get my hands on Bugbear’s next level of insanity.

  3. Haisuli says:

    You guys should really consider porting your 2004 N-Gage game Glimmerati to the apple itouch/iphone, it’s screaming for it!:).

  4. mr2driver says:

    Have Ridge Racer Lan Mode as Flatout 2?

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