Gamescom showfloor demo walkthrough

We were at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany last week to show the City Creator to the press. At the same time everyone could play the game on the showfloor. In this video we’ll show you what’s in the showfloor demo.

Note that this is work in progress, pre-alpha code. We’re not even done adding features yet, let alone polishing graphics, handling and all that. We’re just excited to be able to show the game at this early point!

If you missed Gamescom, you can come try the game for yourself at Eurogamer Expo on 22-25 September.

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5 Responses to Gamescom showfloor demo walkthrough

  1. Mussa says:

    good game, but it still not Flatout 2!!

  2. John Burning says:

    Hey Bugbear!
    You making so really cool game but what about new FlatOut in the future?)

  3. Pete says:

    Game looks awesome but the light trails doesn’t look appealing and also, what happened to the nitro?

    Looking forward to this!

  4. TheDarkSide says:

    First of all a big tnx to Bugbear for making great games! From FlatOut to FlatOut Ultimate Carnage all those games where great and i still play them regulary even today! I am looking foward to Ridge Racer and i hope will be atleast half of previous FlatOut games but i always keep in mind that a new FlatOut its needed and i hope in close future a one will be in development. I dont have problems with waiting for a game i will enjoy so take your time with Ridge Racer and i hope after that a new FlatOut will start to get developed. Stay safe and deliver what you are capable off! We all know you are one of the best developers of racing games and stay like that!

    Sry for my english, its not perfect but its something :))

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