FlatOut 2 multiplayer

Dear fans who still play FlatOut 2 on the PC. We love you!

Unfortunately, Gamespy has made changes to their service setup and a number of old games, including FlatOut 2, no longer work online.

There is nothing we can do about this. We are not the publisher of FlatOut 2 nor hold any rights to it. Even if we had the time and money to help, we legally can’t. (As it is, we’re busy working on new and very cool things. Which I believe you will like!)

However, we’ve been told this (and a number of services like it) can be used to get around the problem: http://www.gameranger.com/. We haven’t tried these services ourselves and can’t guarantee they’ll work, but a number of fans are saying they do. You can look for more help from other fans on the forums.

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2 Responses to FlatOut 2 multiplayer

  1. ARZ says:

    Hi to you.
    flatout game series are really good games.
    please continue this game series.

  2. Adam Moore says:

    I have always loved the flatout series! (appart from Flatout Wii and Flatout 3 for obvious reasons). Please make the flatout series great again by resuming development! Or if you no longer own the Flatout franchise, please make a new, equally awesome, racing game :D

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