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FlatOut 2 multiplayer

Dear fans who still play FlatOut 2 on the PC. We love you! Unfortunately, Gamespy has made changes to their service setup and a number of old games, including FlatOut 2, no longer work online. There is nothing we can … Continue reading

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Bugbear community opened

We want to talk to fans directly. You’re the reason we’re doing this! There’s been our Facebook and Twitter accounts and this blog, but it’s about high time we hosted a forum where all of you could talk to each … Continue reading

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Ridge Racer Unbounded launch and team expansion

Ridge Racer Unbounded is launching this week! We are super excited to have the final game in our hands and see the servers already filling with player-created cities. We’ve got lots of sweet new footage available, both screenshots and trailers. … Continue reading

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City Creator

The press were shown the City Creator during behind closed doors previews at Gamescom and as previews are rolling in, here’s the deal in our own words! It’s so good to be finally able to talk about the City Creator, … Continue reading

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Gamescom showfloor demo walkthrough

We were at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany last week to show the City Creator to the press. At the same time everyone could play the game on the showfloor. In this video we’ll show you what’s in the showfloor demo. … Continue reading

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Dubai & E3 Previews

The game is getting good early previews! This is a collection of our favorite coverage for your convenience (and our bragging rights!), based on first looks in the Namco Bandai Level Up event in Dubai in May and E3 in … Continue reading

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E3 screenshots

This gallery contains 6 photos.

We released new screenshots to go with Ridge Racer Unbounded’s behind closed doors showing at the E3 event in Los Angeles. You will see our in-world HUD elements showcased, as well as two different cars.

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Sneak Peek

Take a look behind the scenes at Bugbear’s Helsinki studio. What is the co-operation with the Japanese production team like?

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